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Visitor information & F.A.Q.

  • What will it cost me?

    Entrance fee is €10 for every car (including the driver), €2 for every extra passenger or other visitors, kids under the age of 12 can visit the show for free!

  • Can my car enter the event?

    Tuned cars are selected by registering on the website or showing your car at the entrance, register if you are unsure about your car. Check the pictures of the 2019 edition of Village to see what type of cars we’re looking for. Registered/accepted cars are featured on our Facebook page and website!

  • Do I have to register my car?

    If you have doubts about your car qualifying for the event, register it and we’ll let you know. If you’re certain that your car meets our requirements, entering the event without a registration is certainly possible!

  • What happens after I register my car?

    You will receive an email with the acceptation or denial of your registration. Accepted registration mails will also include a unique voucher that will be scanned at the entrance. This document is linked to the exact car and owner, it can not be used for a different car or owner combination. Accepted cars will also be shown on the website and Facebook page!

  • My car is accepted, do I have to print the voucher?

    The voucher will be scanned at the entrance, we can only scan vouchers that are printed or stored on a smartphone with a high quality screen, that can zoom in on the QR-code (most recent smartphones will work fine).

  • I lost my voucher, where can I download it?

    Log in on with the account you used for the registration, then you will be able to view your registration and download your voucher.

  • I registered my car, I now have a different car/made big changes to my car, is it still accepted?

    If you made changes to your car or have a new car on the same numberplates as your previous car, please make a new registration.

  • What if my car is denied? Can I make a new registration?

    If your car is denied after a registration, you can still visit the event as a visitor and enjoy the event with your friends and other visitors. If you make changes to your car and feel that it’s now qualified for the event, please make a new registration and we’ll take another look at your car. If your car is denied at the entrance, please respect our decision and have fun as a visitor. Our opinion might be different than yours, that doesn’t mean that we can’t get along and enjoy ourselves, we share the same passion.

  • I used fake pictures for my registration / I’m going to use my voucher with a different car, will it work?

    No, it will not work. When we scan the voucher, we can verify all your info and see if the pictures of the registration match your car at the entrance. In doubt, or when your car clearly doesn’t match the pictures or quality we’re looking for, we withhold the right to deny your car to the event.